Sonia Laurin is born in 1980 near Montreal, Quebec. Early on, she learns how to transform her great sensibility and imagination into creativity. Her drawing and painting habilities seem natural, so she developped her craft by studying fine arts in college and then, earned a bachelor degre in art history. At the end of that path, she utilmately chose painting to express herself in a poetic and flamboyant way. Her art is mostly influenced by painter Alfred Pellan for the density of elements and by Jacques Hurtubise for the saturated colors, as well as the freedom of movement. The mysterious mood that is her trademark, reminds us of the symbolist portraits of late 19th century in Europe, such as those of Gustav Klimt. Her feminine subjects are gracious, timeless, almost royal. These godesses often present themselves in extravagant costumes and hats, wich can also be interpreted as auras.


Inspiration is a state of mind. Through observation of the world surrounding me and by connecting to my own truth, I feel things, see images in my mind. I'm always looking for beauty. In music, in nature, in visual arts, in the love I share, the love I see, in the morning light, whatever moves me. I take time to enjoy being human and being in the moment. I translate emotions, vibes or experiences with colors, textures and shapes.
Ma peinture traduit un désir constant de créer des images fortes et lumineuses. L'interaction entre les éclaboussures colorées et les personnages ou félins, confère un ensemble vibrant et dynamique.


My favorite thing about RAW is the openness. Every art form is included and unknown begining artists as well. Openness to the world also, wich provides fantastic visibility and great possibilities to creators, but presents a wide variety to art lovers. I did like the one on one contact and kindness of the Montreal division. It's important not to feel like a number.